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hey anyone online right now i like to join guild my old guild wont take me cause ideleted my old main and made a new one :) i am friends of Fishnator on the site.
Just an FYI, I may not be on much for the next few days: work other commitments.
I want to say thanks to Malgus for organzing guild pvp today. Was the most fun I've had in pvp in a long time. And thanks to all who joined. You guys rock =)
Congrats on the KP/EV run tonight! Knocked 'em both out in about a hour each. Let's keep it up!
Great Runs! Both Friday and Saturday.
A congrats to all the folks in our humble little guild of awesome, as we again ranked in the Top Ten for Conquests!

Great job to everyone who contributed in every way to get us there and the nice lead we took!


Miriel a posted Aug 30, 14
A huge welcome the many new friends who joined or returned back to our extended gaming family, and to those on leave we will be here to welcome you back upon your return!

So many Kudo’s to give out!

It was a hard climb when announced and in a month the guild members rallied like a junior league softball team running around the bases to add 30 million credits extra into the guild bank to purchase a guild flagship!

The flagship (name to be determined) was launched and the invasion of Alderaan saw the guild conquest go-back-and forth the first week, where we finished in the Top Ten!

A huge congrats to everyone who ranked, and to Ipoc for his time-management skills showing everyone the best gains, and to the PVP Teams who tore up the Warzones netting huge Conquest Point Returns!

The battle in week two wages on over Hoth everyone is working hard to see the guild take another spot after starting a day late! There will be many more to come!

Officer Changes
A congratulation that is well deserved saw two new officers join the ranks of the Dark Council within the guild.

Please celebrate and welcome both Ipocalypse and Linrae who have been and continue to be tremendous people who contribute in everything they do for the guild and the members. It is well deserved and we know they will help us, help you as we continue to grow and move into the next year in game.

We also have removed two officers from our active ranks who we will miss. Both Vindikas and TheImmortal are no longer with us, and we thank them for all the help and support they provided to the guild.

Everyone has been anticipating the planning and scheduling for progressive Operations and new teams have been a project taking place while everyone has been on summer break and now it’s time to start building the new teams again. With everyone’s varied schedules, we need to know what times work best to have a steady group ready and work towards that two hour deadline from start to finish.

Traditionally, Guild Operations took place on Friday and Saturday nights, but there is a new poll on the right side ( Over There --) on the menu with some alternate times available. Multiple voting for times is acceptable and the first team will be build where the higher availability is!

Cast your vote!

Shout out to Lin who ran some over-eager and anxious guild mates who had the fever need for a guild ops!

Team build for pre-mades with the new season (S3) is discussion topic that we would like to see along with the impromptu WarZone groups that have been running, head into the forums and jump into the discussions there! Shout Outs to Ceriz who has been rocking it!

Personal Note
Our condolences go out to Mort who lost a member of his family, we wish him the best.

Long live The Sith Legacy, The Empire, and more importantly, YOU!

Hey guildees!!

     First of all I want to say THANKS to all who have donated so far to the guild strongholds/flagship. Your donations are very much appreciated and will help us have a badass guildship, which I personally am really excited about. Currently We have went from about 14 mil to 47 million in less than a month, which is pretty damn impressive and i'm definitely proud of all who has contributed thus far.

Second, I wanted to again thank Miri and the Dark Council for "passing the torch" to me as the guild leader. I will continue do my best to succeed and do what's best in the name of the guild, and am very thankful for this honor. And btw - Miri and the Dark Council will continue to be working close with me to better the guild in every way we can think of. If you think of something you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to contact myself or any of the other Dark Council members for suggestions. 

Also just wanted to say that it's my goal to get some operations and guild events up and running. July is always known for it's vacations, and it's been difficult for myself to organize anything as far as operations/raids but that will change soon. Also If you would like to lead an operation feel free to contact a Dark Council member and we'll put it on the MOTD and the events board on the website. 

We have had a few things, like a KP run, a daily run and a TC run that have had great turnouts and I don't believe we'll have any problem getting people on board with ops / events. 

Lastly, I just wanted to Welcome all new TSL members!!!! Thanks for joining and visiting the site. Be sure to check out our forums introduce yourself, and check out all the usefull info that has been posted as well. 

cya in game - The Immortal (Mort)

Ruapente ship and stronghold are amazing, reminds me of Star Wars Galaxies for sure but better
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