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Thanks Miz for days addition!
Welcome Dray & Kay!
Lin & Ipoc - How are the games? I don't like my partners in crime being MIA. lol
Miz, it's a work in progress and yes, TSL is still an imperial guild :sick:
Ipoc you coming tonight?


Miriel a posted Nov 11, 14
The Sith Legacy wants you to know that we thank all of you active and veterans of the military for all you have done for us with your service. While many of you are currently deployed and not able to join us in game, we are here for you when you do get back.

And for the folks who have served and are in game with us today, you are appreciated!

Xekshoch a Why is there not a like function for news feed?!?


Grats TSL on everything we have accomplished so far! Winter is coming up and if the pattern is the same as last year, we are going to experience a slowdown in the guild. If you plan to be on leave, please let an officer know so that you don't get kicked due to inactivity!

OPS: If there is a good turn out on 11/11 for the scheduled run I will lead the others on the website. However, if not I will pull other ops from site for the rest of the year. In 3 weeks we are getting new content and it may be more advantageous to run several dailies each day to rack up your comms for gear when the expansion drops! I will limit op runs in December since we're going to be busy with holidays, new content, and level cap increase!

CORE OPS: If you're interested in HM Ops please send me a message on the website with your role. I would prefer that it be a role you know, like, geared and can use weekly! I know several on the progression team can be versatile with roles, but for the sake of progressing, it is easier to stick with the same team. Mumble and gear are the only requirements. You DO NOT have to speak but you need to be in mumble to listen to instructions.

We will be taking off first two weeks in December for new content and learning disciplines. HM Ops team will resume on Sunday Dec 14th @ 9 EST. Upon resuming, HM Ops will be on Sunday nights at 9 EST and no longer on Wednesdays.

***Currently we have an opening for dps on the core ops team and would like a few more back-ups so we can get started on time and really start progressing!

Lets continue to drive momentum at conquest to unlock the command deck! We have lots of decorations and no hooks for Miz to play with. :)



Miriel a posted Nov 1, 14

We need you to contact one of the officers or I in game as soon as possible!
It's urgent!


Conquest Rankings YTD

Miriel a posted Oct 16, 14
Hey all,

So I know people question when we say we are one of the top 30 guilds in conquest on our server. Miz showed us a site, which tracks the guilds and rankings in several formats.

I am not good at excel, so I had asked over on the official Shadowlands boards if anyone could help me (us) and others that may of been interested in knowing how their guilds ranked overall, since really only highlights top ten per server or breaks the rankings down by guild names totals points.

Thanks to Levram he took the data I was looking at and compiled it for the 192 guilds that have placed on boards.

39 __ 10,500,000 __ The Sith Legacy

Check out the thread here:

Nice job all!


Miriel a posted Oct 15, 14

The hardest part of updating the news once a month is trying to capture all the accomplishments that the players in our little casual-gaming guild do in a month! I have post-it notes, and doodles and notepads with, "REMEMBER TO ADD THIS” and when I am out-and-about, adding stuff to "Evernote” from my phone! I really need to invest in one of those little pocket spiral notebooks so that the news is not two weeks late!

Trying to format everything and just toss into bullet points is also just not informative enough. I could just give a highlight on how we have been successful in conquests, how we have fun in ops, how our PVP folks are being targeted, etc et all. But that just doesn’t do justice.

Two things about our front page and this monthly newsletter, is to highlight our living history! A recap of everything we have done and what we are planning. The second part which happens often enough is when new people may want to join our guild, but want to know more about us, they can come here and read about us!

How many guilds just have a "splash page” or closed message boards and then you join them in game and find out that guild is not really your play style? By keeping this updated and welcoming, you can see how we are! Take a look at our shout-box, check out our site activity logs; check out our charter to read the rules we use to self-govern ourselves, look at our gallery to see our moments of pride, or head over to our message boards to join in our discussions! Then join us in game, even if just to hang out with us in guild!

One thing you may notice when you review some of the older news articles, is how proud we are of our guild and the players who comprise our membership. Like all guilds we have had our share of internal drama, we have had are moment’s of "What did you just say?” We have our attrition. But the single thing that makes us successful and our longevity is that all our personalities click, but we are not a clique.

We are adults (immature some would say since we play video games!). We like to have fun! We self-police ourselves. I think all of us are proud of the guild we have, and could not ask for a better place to escape reality for a few hours with some of the best people around!

So onto the highlights!!!

Yes, The Sith Legacy is now a two year old guild on the Shadowland server, which survived the great server consolidations which occurred September 18, 2012 when we were moved from the City of Cinnegar server at the games launch. Three years as a guild in SW:TOR!

The Guild Ship was hard and Strongholds drained everyone! We had some issues with the guild bank, but we have recouped all our funds and added more! Some folks may worry,
"what’s to stop someone from robbing the bank and taking 4 million or all the cartel items?” Well, that has happened before, and it just show’s how players who do things like that are petty and not really the type of players we want to interact with.

Those who help fund the guild banks so we can hold contests, and gift our members, and purchase guild unlocks, those are the people we enjoy having around. Our guild bank is hitting almost 15 million again in credits, we have tabs unlocked, and we just keep growing! Huge shout out to our "POWERGAMER EXTREME TUNA” as our official accountant!

Not only do we have our guild ship, which was dubbed "The Shadowbane,” and working on unlocks for it, but we also have a Guild House on Dromund KAAS with our own DANCE FLOOR thanks to the awesome decorating skills of MIZ and the contributions that everyone donated with decorations. DANCE PARTY FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!

We continue to rank on the weekly standings and while our average is may not be like the uber-hardore-powergamers-must-contribute-or-be-remove, our folks have rocked it! For a laid back group we want to have fun and play, not play to work. We average 1.5 million in conquest points, and out of the 400 guilds on our server taking part in conquests, we fall in the top thirty!

Not only are we running OPS again thanks to the awesome-sauce and leadership of Xek and Lin, but we are running OPS twice a week with a dedicated progression group running on a two hour timer, but also an internal guild run where we no longer require PUGS! Not to mention all the off ops everyone does during the week!

Real fast though on Ops, and we can’t reiterate this enough to be successful and that everyone does have a good time Xek has some words to live by:
We have had several people leave the guild to go to an Ops dedicated guild because they want to do ops but we never did them. Truth is, I am always trying to organize raids; as well as several members in the guild!

TSL has recruited like crazy recently and had several members who have recently hit 55 that would like to be a part of raids! Our goal is to get 16m raids going on a regular basis, but we need people who can commit to certain times as it is very hard to do a full guild run on the fly due to the time it takes to raid sometimes.

Raids go much faster when we utilize mumble! I know people don’t like to talk… Well guess what? You don’t have to! There will be op leaders who will let you know what to do as long as you can listen. Besides the service is paid for so we might as well make full use of it!

The great thing about group finder ops is… you don’t not need a min gear rating to run! You will be bolstered. I, personally, was leery of this and ran Dread Fortress (DF) with a toon that had just reached 55 a few hours prior and we completed the op no problem. I still had level 35 gear. So you can do it too!
Everyone in the guild who runs guild raids will be willing to teach during the raid – this is how we build up! If you have a question – ask!

I do not care that you have never run an op before as long as you take the initiative to look in the operations folder at the guides (or YouTube) to have some sense of what to expect. I’m not asking you to study it like it is an exam but: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

With all of this being said, please let Xek or any DC Member (who will pass along to Xek) know so we can start trying to get times and full guild raids scheduled! New raids are coming in December and we want to be ready!


Ok, long read! Can’t believe how far this got away from me.

A welcome to all the new folks who joined us, we hope you stay with us and we are everything you are looking for in a guild, and to all our brothers and sisters deployed stay safe and we miss you!

Long live The Sith Legacy, The Empire, and more importantly, YOU!

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