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last night was bad ass raiding the organa's
sign up for the pvp tournament at [link]
I'm gonna need to take a week or two off, as I'm headed back to school and i need that time to get set up there. I'll be back soon!
Thanks Dia. :)

Real Life...

The Immortal posted Wed at 0:46
Hey guys, there has been some controversy about the guild ship being moved and I just wanted to explain what happened.

     I am the only one that is able to declare war on a new planet, and I was unable to in a timely fashion this week because of some personal problems. 

     If you must know, I broke up with my girlfriend of 1.5 years, only to come home with 10 cars, 3 ambulances at my grandfathers house. My grandfather had a sudden heart attack and passed away. All on the same night

    Because of this I had to take some personal time. I told just a few of the dark council, but apparently they have been getting a lot of heat for my time away. So I feel like I need to acknowledge what happened and let u guys know why I wasn't able to declare war and start our conquest in a timely manner. 

      In 9 consecutive months of service to this guild I had to take a weeks break due to above reasons, and didn't think it would be that big of a deal because of the circumstances. I gave most everyone in the DC golden keys thinking that would give them full control of the guild ship. Nobody knew guild lead has to declare war on a planet to start the conquest, each week. By the time I found out it was too late and a lot of people were upset all day Tuesday was wasted. I've had some time now since this has happened to get back to normal and those of you that have known me for a while, know that this is very much unlike me. We now have backup plans in effect to make sure this doesn't happen again.

     Don't let this get us down though. We've worked so hard to get to where we are. We have plenty of time to make up the day. I don't have to work til Sunday, so I'm planning on doing as much as I can to get us on the leaderboard, and I hope you guys are with me. Also, next Tuesday the scores will reset to 0 giving us a level playing field and we'll get another chance to dominate again :)
     I hope to move on from this and continue being active as I always have been the past 9 months....we'll build and grow and learn together..... the best guild in SWTOR........... TSL The Sith Legacy
Hey guildees!!

     First of all I want to say THANKS to all who have donated so far to the guild strongholds/flagship. Your donations are very much appreciated and will help us have a badass guildship, which I personally am really excited about. Currently We have went from about 14 mil to 47 million in less than a month, which is pretty damn impressive and i'm definitely proud of all who has contributed thus far.

Second, I wanted to again thank Miri and the Dark Council for "passing the torch" to me as the guild leader. I will continue do my best to succeed and do what's best in the name of the guild, and am very thankful for this honor. And btw - Miri and the Dark Council will continue to be working close with me to better the guild in every way we can think of. If you think of something you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to contact myself or any of the other Dark Council members for suggestions. 

Also just wanted to say that it's my goal to get some operations and guild events up and running. July is always known for it's vacations, and it's been difficult for myself to organize anything as far as operations/raids but that will change soon. Also If you would like to lead an operation feel free to contact a Dark Council member and we'll put it on the MOTD and the events board on the website. 

We have had a few things, like a KP run, a daily run and a TC run that have had great turnouts and I don't believe we'll have any problem getting people on board with ops / events. 

Lastly, I just wanted to Welcome all new TSL members!!!! Thanks for joining and visiting the site. Be sure to check out our forums introduce yourself, and check out all the usefull info that has been posted as well. 

cya in game - The Immortal (Mort)

Ruapente ship and stronghold are amazing, reminds me of Star Wars Galaxies for sure but better


Miriel a posted Jun 29, 14

That's all I can think to write, to start the off this month's guild newsletter, is just "WOW!"
It's July already. When I look at what we have accomplished as a guild with our members for the month of June, and see that we are going into July, it makes me look at everything we have accomplished as a guild since July of last year.

It has been a lot!

July of last year, our membership had been locked. Game mechanics only allow for 500 characters / toons / members within a guild. We could not recruit new players as the roster was full. The Guildmaster at the time had not been seen in over 60+ days, and the officers (who were still active) did not have guild permissions to make changes.

There were only nine of us active, as players within the guild.

We had a hard choice to make. We could stay with "The Sith Legacy," or we could look for a new guild. The nine of us had forged a great friendship. We got along great! We had the same interests, the same play-styles and we enjoyed playing the game together.

Guild shopping is hard.

We didn't want to break up the bond we had forged.
We didn't want to explore new guilds and go through the whole process of seeing if we would get along with different players. We wanted to be with like-minded players. We wanted to be with a social and active guild. We did not want to "forced" for accomplishments in game, or have our game play dictated to us by progressive guild. We wanted a casual and more relaxed guild.

The nine of us realized, we already had what we wanted in a guild between us. If that's what we were looking for in a guild, than surely there must be others that wanted the same. Everything we wanted we had. So we decided we would create a road map, game plan, mission statement (what ever you want to call it) and we began working towards it. I became the guild leader. We became officers. We began rebuilding what we had to include others.

And here we are today!

In August of last year, we held our very first guild meeting with new members on the Command Deck of the White Nova. As we expanded, we just held our last two meetings on the Ziost Shadow. And come this August (Bioware Dependant) we will be able to have our guild meetings on our very own Guild Fleet Ship!

Our guild bank has 3 vaults. We have close to 15 million credits saved.
We have completed all 8/16 player story mode operations, and 8/16 player hard mode operations.

We have an active roster of 160 to 180 players/
We can have up to 20 to 25 players during prime time hours.
Our active military players can leave for three months and come back to game, and we are here for them to welcome them home!

Players now come to us, asking to join us - as they were referred our name as an active guild on the server!

This was all accomplished by you, our friends and family, who have joined and made this guild what it is! So Kudo's to all of you!

I've posted the before in prior news entries, and it stands true even now. It's the players who make a guild, and we have some of the best players I have ever had the chance to know and game with!

As with any large and active guild we have also had our share of bad times. But our members always rally together and we learn. We have had more good times than bad. We may have players who do not agree with our decisions as officers, but we value their opinions.

As the saying goes, "We can please some of the people all the time, but we can not please everyone all the time." Those who have different expectations or don't feel their needs are being addressed fast enough leave. Often to come back and find what they also wanted we were already providing.

An active guild needs active leadership and officers that help set the tone and expectations for the members. With like minded people we make an extended family in out virtual home and we have fun!

To help bring us into the next chapter of what is sure to be another great year with the guild and the content coming within game, I did not feel it would be fair to the members and the officers that I retain leadership of the guild with summer vacations and me becoming inactive.

So it was announced that I am stepping down from my role as leader, and with the support of the officers, I am pleased to announce that new role of  Guild Leader has been accepted by our very own TheImmortal (Mort) who has been an active supporter for the guild since becoming part of our family!

Mort has some great and fresh new ideas and perspectives and has been working behind the scenes for months now as not only a member of the guild but as an officer as well, and I know that he will be an awesome leader as he transitions into the new role!

I will still be around, and I'll be dropping by the message boards, website and within game when I can, so don't think I am leaving or quitting!

Now if you have not already done so, give a huge shout out of congrats to Mort here on the boards, in shout box, in mumble or in game!

I look forward to seeing all of you again soon!
Without further adieu since I am so long winded, thank you for all the support you have given me, with all of you it never seemed like a job and you all made it one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had!

I wish you all a great summer!

Long live The Sith Legacy, The Empire, and more importantly, YOU!

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