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Guild Meeting for those interested 1/16 8 EST
Hey Sith Legacy. TDR has 1 command frramework and 46 command encryptions we'd be willing to sell to your guild. Contact Beck'ett ingame if you are interested
I going to be taking a Hiatus from the game for the Spring Semester. I need to focus on my grades and Extra-curriculars so I probably won't be on until April. Xek, I just thought I should tell you so you don't kick me out.
Thanks Ipoc and Bleed, I promoted Merc to member rank. If you have other toons, update your member note and I will get them as well!
Hi Thanksfor the invite, my toons name in TSL is Mercadier. Hope to be able to join in some ops and other activities with everyone!

Guild Meeting 1/16/15

Xekshoch a posted Jan 16, 15

Evening everyone and thanks for coming (Sorry I had to work and couldn't make).

I would like to thank everyone so far on conquest! We have really rocked it the last couple of months and stayed on the leaderboard. There was a week we fell off at the last minute but we managed to pull back up on the boards.

We continue to raise money to unlock the ship! Special thanks to Miz who has taken lots of play time to decorate the ship.

At this time, I believe we could use a few new officers since we have had several retire. I want thank them for their service, but we must continue to grow!

I would like to congratulate Miz on her promotion a while back. We never had a guild meeting to officially recognize it, but she has still been busy behind the scenes working. So THANK YOU MIZ!

Also Kat is back from her vacation! Glad to have you back.

The new officers at this time are: Dungeon, Revton, John and Dri! We are currently working on roles and how each new officer will merge with those of us currently.

In the past the recruit rank was for those that were simply invited to the guild and to become a member, just join the website. That was the only requirement.

While I use the site for a lot of communication, especially with officers, we are now going to start promoting those recruits that are active. We have had a great push to the website to sign up but then some people have never been on site since.

So congratulations and THANK YOU everyone! I hope these changes prove to be positive as we continue into 2015.


Miriel a Congrats!

We are constantly working towards improvements, both through input and behind the scenes. As of right now, the first new change is the addition of our TeamSpeak Server. If you check the bottom of the screen where Home, Mail, Notifications are, there is now a Mic which will allow you to connect to the server. The password is TsL.   I am not asking us to ditch mumble by any means since most in the guild have, we just have upgraded to two servers to accommodate more people.

Welcome to all the new people we have seen join TSL. Also welcome back Kat, DC, who has been on leave for a while. :)

Guild Bank:

This week we will be back to 20 million and as I have promised in the past. I have upped each ranks access to the bank. The frameworks and encryptions will remain in the contest section, since they sell for good money, we need them kept locked!

Ops Team:

Now that I  have a set schedule at work again, and the holidays are over... I have started posting ops on the website again and will be working diligently to get our HM Core Ops team going again! Even though the HM ops aren't too terrible now, I will be leading the core team b/c it still takes work and coordination to get through them. I will be glad to work w/ anyone on ops but ask that you have run SM ops enough to know basic mechanics before starting fresh in a HM op.

Conquest & Galactic Strongholds:

What can I say about conquest other than YOU GUYS ROCK! TSL has successfully stayed on leaderboards for weeks now and not the bottom either! We are constantly seeing new donations-money and decorations-and within the next two weeks, we should be at 5 frameworks to unlock the Command Deck! After that we will still need to collect command encryptions to unlock each room on the deck, but we will be able to start placing new decorations on the ship!

Changes in the future:

We are going to be looking for people to fill new positions in the near future. We have not discussed all the needed positions but we know that we need some recruiters! We have several people on the guild list that have been inactive, and we will be cleaning (except those on military leave & those that have reached out to let us know they'd be gone a while) to make room for active players. Let's get back to having 25+ on at a time again. It is hard to be a "social guild" when no one is on  :P

It cannot be said enough, but THANK YOU to everyone in the guild. Everyone has helped get us to where we are and where we will continue to go in the future!

See you in game;

Your officers:

Xekshoch - Guild Leader

Miriæl, Honey-Bunny, Ipoc, Lin, Miz & Kat - Dark Council

Dia - On Leave Dark Council Member

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